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A Monday Night Wet Dream…Minus Farve’s Penis

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“Oh Brett! You Shouldn’t Have!”

Broadway Brett. Brett the Jet. Boba Brett. Ahh memories. Thanks. For Mark Sanchez that is. No thanks for the fact that Farve’s penis is ceremoniously being plastered all over gossip blogs. You got real issues when you think taking snapshots of your pork slab is going to woo the girl you decided was worth ruining your marriage. Especially when she wasn’t interested (according to reports). I’m going to pretend to be Brett Farve’s conscious when he came up with this brilliant idea:

Hmmm. She said no to dinner, no to coffee, I got her number behind her back through the Jets PR department, sent her a creepy MySpace message under a weird alias, and still nothing. I got it! I’m going to send her pictures of my cock! How can she resist that?

Anyway, Brett. Brett, Brett, Brett. You should’ve retired you old dog you. But I’m glad you didn’t because you just created a shit storm of controversy that will undoubtedly be jabbing at your brain when you’re studying film of Rexy’s defense. Focus old man, FOCUS! Are you paying attention? That was Flacco, Brady, Henne, and Book Boy running for their lives! Are you watching the tape? This may be your upcoming funeral! Do you know what you’re staring at? 1-3! One win, three losses and about as much chance as making the playoffs as you have at making scary noises in bed with Jen Sterger! But no worries, Randy is on his way! He’s the difference maker right there! He was prolific against the Jets defense. Let’s break down Randy’s first quarter of the season shall we:

I just sent a picture of my junk to Revis! Slouch my A$$!!!

9 Receptions (Tied for 68th)
139 Yards (Tied for 54th)
3 TDs (Tied for 4th)
15.4 Avg. (33rd)
Long of 35(Tied for 41st)
Number of Receptions in the first half of Games #1-4: 7
Number of Receptions in the second half of games #1-4: 2
Number of Receptions when Team is behind: 1
Number of Receptions when Team is behind 9-16 Points: ZERO
Number of Teams that grew tired of his shtick: 3 and counting

Jet fans; do not fret about Brett or Randy Moss. Moss will merely be a decoy to open up lanes for AP who, along with the Viking defense, is the only thing keeping the Jets coaching staff up late at night. The Viking defense is ranked in the top 10 in four major statistical categories: Points (3rd), Yards (4th), Pass Yds (8th), Rush Yds (9th). Adrian Peterson is in the top five in Yards (Tied for 3rd), Yards per Game (2nd), and Carries per Game (2nd). So it is no secret what Minnesota intends to do; soften up the Jet D with AP, control the clock, and keep the game close with solid defensive play. So as scary as it may sound, the Jets may want Brett Farve to chuck it 50 times because through 3 games he has 6 interceptions. How do the Jets accomplish this? They need to score early and often in order to force Minny to fling the ball. And while it’s easier said than done, the Jets were able to put up 30+ points on a Miami defense that held the Viking offense to 10pts(albeit one without Randy Moss). Our run defense is stout and our pass defense is solid. 10-0 or 14-0 is not out of the question to start the game in our favor. An early Jet lead may be too much for Minny to handle on the road. Especially with Jets Fans making it miserable for the Viking offense to make adjustments at the line. Let’s take a brief look at the key matchups:

Adrian Peterson Vs. NY Jets Run Defense
Averaging 130.7 YPG Adrian Peterson is the very definition of a STUD. He’s an animal. Power, speed, elusiveness, and good hands out of the backfield (13 Catches, 85 Yards and a 6.5 Avg). A nightmare to game plan against, AP is extremely dangerous once he reaches the second level of the defense where he can become close to unstoppable one on one. Rex Ryan loves the overload blitz but the Jet defense needs to make sure they know where #28 is on 3rd down because he can take a screen pass and turn it into a 20-yard gain. And the kid doesn’t wear down, he gets stronger as the game progresses as defenses get tired of chasing him. He’s averaging almost 74 yds (73.6) in the second half of his first three games. That’s more than half his per game average. However, in AP’s lone road game against a similar high-pressure defense in New Orleans, he was held under 90 Yards in a tightly contested season opener. The Jets run defense is ranked 4th in the league through the first quarter of the season. Teams are averaging a paltry 74.8 yards per game. That’s outstanding considering they faced running backs like Ray Rice, Ronnie Brown, and Ricky Williams all without their run stopping stalwart Kris Jenkins. Key statistic: AP has 19 fumbles through 3 ¼ seasons and the Jets run defense has already forced three this year. And although AP has yet to fumble this year, there’s no doubt Coach Ryan is telling his guys to get their hands on the ball when they have two or more defenders wrapping him up. AP is the key to winning the game for either team. If the Jets defense can force Minnesota to throw the ball by limiting Peterson to 80 yards or less, the Jets will win this game hands down.

Vikings Defense Vs. LT, Shonn Greene, & the Playaction Pass
LT and Shonny Boy had one hell of a game against a putrid Bills defense last week. This Monday night’s matchup provides a much more significant challenge. Minny is only allowing 87 yards per game and will be the best run defense the Jets have faced this year (Baltimore ranks 21st against the run). The Jets offensive line has been getting better every week and this D Line will prove to be a formidable matchup. Regardless of how well Mark Sanchez has been playing, as the running game goes so goes the offense. The reason why the passing attack has been so effective is the respect for the run game. The misdirection playaction bootleg(say that three times fast) is so gorgeous and its effectiveness has been a direct result of the running games success. Sanchez to Keller is your cake people. Remember that highlight reel run by LT last week? Or the Sanchez TD pass to Keller in the redzone with not a single Buffalo defender within 10 yards? That’s the misdirection play. Line moves one way, fullback and halfback moves the opposite way, then they both cut back and find the hole. When this play is clicking Sanchez can fake the handoff, make room for himself with the bootleg and the throw to Keller will almost always be wide open. This play is magic. You saw it against New England. You saw it against Miami. And you saw it embarrass Buffalo. It’s quickly becoming the bread and butter of this offense.

You ever heard of statement games? Well boys and girls, if they exist, this is one right here. If the Jets dominate this game it will not only boost the psyche of Jet players to unconquerable levels but will also place anxiety in their future opponents heads. Don’t underestimate the mental edge. The Jets are physical and love to punch you in the mouth. A dominant win and the game film will look downright scary to opposing teams. This game may send poor old Brett into retirement and Brad Childress closer to the unemployment line. Kiss me now cause I’m moist! JETS WIN 26-13



Written by Rob Rodriguez

October 5, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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