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Big Fat Middle Fingers

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Following Sunday’s dramatic win over the Browns I leaned back in my chair, took a nice long sip of Jack Daniels, and raised one finger in the air. The middle one. I knew following this Jet victory that Patriot and Dolphin fans were circle jerking each other imagining the eventual Jet collapse that is evident from the way Rex & Company have been winning games. So it is with great pleasure that I write this piece to not only squash such unintelligent thought processes but to further advance these human sub-species of idiots, thus preventing them from using their mouths as a way to defecate their dead brain cells and infecting the rest of the world with their incestuous STD. You may now remove those Patriot jerseys and watch me piss on your back.

The Proof is in the Pudding. Eat it.

10 points. Through 9 regular season games the NY Jets have won 7 games and have lost 2 games by a total of 10…points. The NY Jets are the first team in NFL HISTORY to win back to back road games in overtime. They are 3-0 in the division with two of those wins coming on the road. In fact, the Jets are undefeated on the road with a 5-0 mark. The Jets outscored all three division opponents by a total score of 97-51, with their closest margin of victory being 8 points against the Dolphins followed by 14 point against the Patriots. The Jet offense is ranked 4th in the league in rushing and tied for 6th in the league in passing TDs. Mark Sanchez has less interceptions than Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and Eli Manning. The Jets rank 5th in the league in defense (Total Yards), 4th in rushing defense, and through 9 games they have not allowed one player to break the 100 yard mark rushing the football. Their defense is ranked 3rd in the league in points allowed per game. Mind you, this is after the Jets lost their starting nose tackle and defensive stalwart, Kris Jenkins, to season ending knee surgery in the first game of the season. The Jets Special Teams unit averages 27.4 yards per kick return, good enough to be ranked 2nd in the NFL. The Jets offensive line has allowed 14 sacks and 23 QB hits which is tied for 3rd and ranked 2nd respectively. The NY Jets have the best conference record with 5 wins and one loss. They are tied with the Patriots and Falcons for the best record in the league thus far and have already taken the first matchup against New England in convincing fashion.

All year the inbreds from Miami and New England have warned us that our “Luck” would run out eventually. Michael Felger of CSN wrote an article on October 12 entitled “The Crash Landing is Coming” in which he insinuated that the win against the Vikings was a product of Farve’s gunslinger ways and not the result of a well coached team that found a way to win during the final minutes of regulation. I’m sorry Michael, your right. Due to your resourceful analysis, remarkable football acumen and aptitude, we must all stand here corrected. Put an asterisk next to that “W” and every other win as you see fit. Dwight Lowery didn’t watch film, he didn’t practice all week, wasn’t coached, and he didn’t jump the route to seal that win against Minnesota but rather, he was lucky to be playing against Brett Farve, a quarterback with no Hall of Fame credentials. Ignoring the fact that we slapped the extensions out of Tom Brady’s head in week 2, Felger insisted, in his putrid attempt at sports journalism, that “Rex Ryan and the Jets won’t be so lucky against Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger down the line.” Right. Since that article was written, the Jets are 4-1 and still haven’t played a complete game. Please remove the penis from your mouth before thinking. In addition, support your biased opinions with at least some facts and football knowledge before showing us that your vagina has Tom Brady’s cum stains on it. I’m no objective writer but I pride myself on supporting my arguments with evidence other than the Jets “poor attention to detail” is eventually “going to cost them.” How in the fuck do you know that the Jets coaching staff does not pay attention to details? You must attend team meetings? Maybe you’re on the sidelines? Maybe you have a hard on for a brain? That’s right, you have no fucking clue. In an ironic twist, this week Felger is crying foul against those who devalue recent Patriot wins with unsubstantiated arguments. He writes:

“It will be interesting to see what asterisk gets applied to the Patriots’ 39-26 wipeout against the Steelers. I only say that because it seems that every one of their big wins recently has come with one. You know: Brad Childress blew it. Or the Chargers put the ball on the ground. Or the Ravens aren’t as good as everyone thought.

Obviously, most of those asterisks were handed out by the crowd that simply refuses to believe the Patriots can be a better team without Randy Moss. I’m sure these folks will be coming up with something after Sunday night. (Roethlisberger sucks? Steelers injuries? Fluke performance?)”

Felger, that “crowd” you speak of includes you, albeit when concerning other teams than the one you root for. There are valuable life lessons to be learned here folks. First one being that a Win is a Win. Second, never marginalize a victory or a teams strength based on opinion and/or speculation. It makes it easier for people like me, who do not get paid to do this, to flatten your credibilty as a journalist, exposing your blind bias, and proving you have little to no Football IQ. And please don’t think that I have some boner for Felger, he’s just an example of the many sports quacks who never cease to amaze me with the fact that they even have a job. Lastly, to all the haters, worry about your own fucking team and hop off the dick of mine.

“…coming from a person who’s been through Super Bowl-winning seasons. You’re going to win these types of close games that we’re winning. You’re not lucky to go 5-0 on the road. I’m sorry. Good teams don’t just luck up and go 5-0 on the road. That just doesn’t happen…People just expect if you’re a Super Bowl contender you’re supposed to just blow everybody out, it doesn’t work that way in the National Football League.” -Damien Woody, Offensive Lineman for the NY Jets


Written by Rob Rodriguez

November 16, 2010 at 4:21 pm

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The Penguins Revenge

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Hey there Elmo! What’d ya do, piss in a fishbowl?

It was December 2008. Final game of the season for the Jets. After an 8-3 start the NY Jets needed a win against Miami and lots of help in order to squeeze into the playoffs. In the pregame coverage cameras followed Brett Farve while giving his offense a pep talk and manage to get microphones close enough in time for everyone at home to hear him tell his teammates that he loves them. It was a cringe worthy performance. Who was Farve kidding? Bullshit never smelled so bad. Four quarters later and Chad Pennington, our former hero, walks triumphantly off the field winning the division title for Miami while tea-bagging Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum in the process. Sweet revenge for Pennington and a proverbial ass ramming for Jets fans. It was like getting jumped while your friend just watches in horror. When its all over you want to kick your friend straight in the balls. Straight and true. So the Jets fire Mangini and life as a Jet fan has gone 180 degrees since, from constant suffering to shits and giggles.

When Eric Mangini was fired I was one of the very few that felt his termination was a bit trigger happy. I felt the team was headed in the right direction and jumping the gun may backfire. After all, Mangini had two winning records in 3 seasons. In hindsight, most can agree that Eric’s firing may have been one of the best decisions ever made by the Jets organization when you examine the chain of events which followed; Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, and a trip to the AFC championship with more or less the same player personnel that Mangini had. However, we tend to forget that the bulk of this roster was forged together by Mike Tannenbaum with Mangini’s fingerprints. Mangini said he had a four year plan, but only made it through 3 years. In New York, we expect winners and we expect them delivered as fast as our hookers and Chinese food. Unfair or not, 3 years was the breaking point.

It may have been a result of high expectations and a final record that fell short. It could have been backlash from allowing our former jelly armed golden boy Chad Pennington to be jettisoned, only to come back and fart in the face of Jets fans. However, it seemed to me that it had much more to do with how these players responded to adversity and more adversely, how they responded to their head coach. Eric Mangini lost his players in 2008 and to that end, management saw only a regressive future with him at the helm. Ruling with an iron fist and military discipline is not a way to win the hearts of your players, it’s a way of alienating them and making their job feel like, well, a job. Playing football is not a job, it’s a kids game. And when you lose it’s hard to get people, who hate coming to work, to show up on Sunday.

The past two Sundays the Cleveland Browns showed up. Emphatically. Needless to say, they beat two very good teams. The Browns started the season 1-5. At that point, you find out whether or not a coach has lost his players. To find out what a coach that lost his players looks like just take a gander at Wade Phillips. To the surprise of many, myself included, Mangini hasn’t lost the hearts of his. In fact, he’s got them playing hungry football. His team is believing in him. So it makes me wonder, has he pulled the old Tom Coughlin out of his ass and switched to boxer shorts? Rex preached from the very beginning that if a coach doesn’t stay true to who he is the players will sniff it out. Maybe Mangini has finally come around. Or maybe its Rex’s evil twin pulling strings over there. Do I think the Jets will be the next victim of the Mangini revenge tour? Not a fucking chance. However, I’m biased so I will throw some useless facts at you to support my case.

Peyton Hillis Vs. The Jets Run D

Hillis has been doing his best Larry Csonka impression lately and has made Josh McDaniels look ridiculous for trading a solid back with no running game in Denver. Currently ranked 7th in the AFC in rushing, this goon averages nearly 5 yards per carry(4.8) and has 7 TDs through 8 games. The kid can play, however, he’s had some really bad games to go with the good ones. After taking the majority of snaps starting in week 3, Hillis had his best games against Baltimore, Cincinnati, and New England. In those games he averaged 143 yards with an average of 26 carries per contest. In the other three games he averaged a paltry 46 yards with an average of 13 carries. In only one of the latter 3 games did the Browns come out with a win. His worst game as a starter came against the Falcons. Hillis is a solid player. A throwback of sorts who initiates contact with defenders. Unfortunately, this week he faces a Jets defense that is ranked 4th in the league against the run and has not allowed a 100 yard rusher through half the season. Only two teams rushed for more than 100 yards against the Jets defense(Denver and Buffalo) in large part due to Quarterbacks finding open space on broken pass plays. If Hillis is held to 16 carries or less in this game, Jets win. Easily. Colt McCoy is not lighting up Rexy’s D.

Mark Sanchez Vs. The Browns D

While the Browns defense showed itself as a unit to be reckoned with by beating on two future hall of fame QBs, Mark Sanchez has a surprising advantage this weekend. As you may already know, the Browns defense is coached by none other than Rex’s twin brother Rob Ryan. I have no doubt that Rex has been attending all the offensive meetings this week giving Schotty and Company pointers and breaking down what his evil twin likes to do. This Browns D is very similar to the Jets schematically in that it relies on pressure and confusing fronts to force Quarterbacks to get rid of the ball quicker than they would like. The Browns will try to confuse the protection calls by Sanchez and force him to make mistakes. But here is the problem for the Browns, Sanchez has practiced against this type of defense for almost two years now. There aren’t many looks Sanchez hasn’t seen already. While the Browns put together some impressive wins back to back, they’re still a 3-5 team. The Browns defense is ranked 21st in total yards, 15th against the run, and 25th against the pass. Not exactly numbers that scare an offense. The Browns will no doubt come out the gate fiery and ready to play but I expect the Jets to move the ball and move it with ease.

Cleveland is a good football team and is well coached. They don’t commit many penalties and rely on solid defense, smart offense, and great special teams play. This WILL NOT be a walk in the park for Rex and Co. The Browns thrive on opposing teams mistakes. However, Cleveland will not run the ball effectively against the Jets stout run D. The Browns will have to rely on Colt McCoy to win this game for them. Try not to laugh. Look for this game to be close in the first half with the Jets pulling away to finish. Jets 24 Browns 13

Written by Rob Rodriguez

November 12, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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Humble Pie

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Warning: The following passage was written in a state of confusion and is filled with venomous vitriol designed to enlighten reader’s with a guarded perspective on the Jet’s 2010 campaign. Jets Kvetch is not responsible for those that decide to make a call to arms and throw Molotov cocktails at Steve Weatherford’s house. The views and thoughts are the opinion of this writer and should not be interpreted as representing the views of my colleagues here on Jets Kvetch. Now, time for humble pie.

I woke up Monday morning face down on the floor dying of thirst, right arm completely asleep and nary the slightest recollection of how  I ended up with only one sock on. My last clear memory was the ugly face of my good friend Steve, an avid Giants fan, cackling with joy at the expense of my utter bewilderment and disgust following one of the most gut wrenching Jet  losses I had the displeasure of witnessing. This game absolutely drained me of any good feeling I had regarding this teams 5-1 start and my mind began contemplating its meaning.

A defensive struggle between two teams in a very windy Meadowlands is acceptable. An inept, mistake prone, drive killing penalty committing, pass dropping slop show of an offense is…NOT ACCEPTABLE. There’s many ways to describe the Jets offensive performance on Sunday. Let’s start with the obvious adjective: Shit. It was a big, stinky, and massive shit that Schotty’s group deficated on the field. My nostrils are still burning from the stench.  In week 1 against an always stout defensive unit in the Ravens, this offensive group laid an egg. Fine. Schotty adjusted and for three straight games Mark Sanchez looked like Drew Brees behind center. Then in week 5 against the Vikings, in a torrential downpour, Sanchez was far less than stellar but the team got the job done. Week six sees Mr. Sanchez throwing his first two picks against what Rex Ryan dubbed, “Pretty simple coverage.” If not for a hail mary PI call, this Jets team may very well be 4-3 and not 5-2. This past Sunday Mark Sanchez did not look sharp for the third game in a row, missing some wide open looks but did enough to make some plays if not for some dropped balls and some very questionable interception calls by the refs(Both of those balls belonged to the receiver by the way. As was pointed out in the broadcast, when a defender and receiver have dual possesion of the ball, ball goes to receiver. However, TWICE in this game the call went to the defense. Not sure how that can happen twice in one game. Terrible.). However, I’ve noticed regression regarding Quarterback play in the last three weeks when things should be clicking. On one play in particular Sanchez faked a handoff and ran a bootleg to the left then darted an 11 yard throw to J-Co by the sidelines. It was a heads up, move the chains type of play that normally would not be criticized had Mark actually took a glance downfield at a streaking and wide open Braylon Edwards. It was a sure fire TD. The great QB’s in this league make that play. However, you can’t heap all the blame on Mark. The generally sure-handed Cotchery dropped some big time throws and Santonio Holmes is beginning to look overrated. I’m going to share my disdain for Tony some other time. There’s a lot of hard feelings that may be unfair, but the guy has less reception yards than Danny Woodhead. Yup. Danny. Woodhead. Mr. Belichick, can we please have our player back? Can someone explain to me why Steve Weatherford has free reign to call a fake? And to add insult to injury Weatherford told the media that he thought it was 4th & 9, not 4th & 19. Do we have coaches on this team???

After careful examination of this season and researching comparable starts through 7 games I made a horrific discovery. Not only are these Jets in danger of repeating a very scary scenario, if this offense regresses any more Jet fans may be in for a very humiliating experience. Remember, this Packers defense was running out of bodies coming into this game and put up a zero. In our house! The Denver defense may have exposed our QB. Here’s a story you won’t like:

It was 2008. The Buffalo Bills came out red hot and started the season 5-1. After 7 games their record stood at 5-2. 5…and 2. Their QB was Trent Edwards, in his second season a la Mark Sanchez, and started looking like the Bills QB of the future. Through the first 6 games Edwards had thrown 5 TDs and 2INTs. Record was a cool 5-1. Things were looking sexy. Next game at Miami the Bills kicked off what begins a four game losing streak and culminates into a 7-9 disaster.

2008 Trent Edwards                                                   2010 Mark Sanchez
WK 1    19/30 215 YDS 1TD                                        10/21 74 YDS
WK 2    20/25 239 YDS 1TD                                      21/30 220 YDS 3TD
WK 3    24/39 279 YDS 1TD 1INT                            15/28 256 YDS 3TD
WK 4    15/25 197 YDS 1 TD 1 INT                            14/24 161 YDS 2TD
WK 5    KNOCKED OUT 3/3 18YDS                        21/44 191 YDS
WK 6    BYE                                                                   17/30 198 YDS 1TD 2INT
WK 7    25/30 261 YDS 1TD                                       BYE
WK 8    21/35 227 YDS 1INT                                      16/38 256 YDS 2 INT

TOTALS    127/187 – 1,436 YDS – 5TD – 3INT 114/215 – 1,356 YDS – 9TDS – 4INT

When I looked at these numbers I nearly threw up in my mouth. Are the 2010 Jets in danger of becoming the 2008 Bills? Better yet, is Mark Sanchez…gulp…the next Trent Edwards? I really hope not. A loss next week and things can get out of hand real quick. Granted, we play the Detroit Lions next week but this is the NFL and if the Saints can get beat up by the Browns then the Jets can certainly lose to the Lions.Am I over reacting? I hope to God I’m out of my fucking mind. In my heart I don’t feel like we can end up as the 2008 Bills did or that Mark Sanchez will do a Trent Edwards impression. It’s just an inescapable feeling I have, reinforced by uninspiring offensive play the past three games. Have teams figured Sanchez out? Can we compete for a title with this offense? Time will tell of course but if I have to see the Pats hang up another division title banner while my team tries to explain why they missed the playoffs I may be forced to harm myself. All that good feeling we had the past couple weeks as Jet fans is officially pissed on. Rex & Co. need to grab the mops and clean up this fucking urine. Fast.

Written by Rob Rodriguez

November 3, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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Week 7 Tidbits and Advice for Bye Week Boredom

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Bye week. One of the most dreaded weeks of the year for this die hard Jets fan. Its a week that generally ends up with me being an active participant in near death experiences, late night phone calls to ex-girlfriends, and uninterrupted memory loss. Had Max V.V. not recently saved my life from solitary confinement in Guantanamo Bay by vouching for me and thus putting his credentials and reputation with the Jets secret service (AKA Player Protect Program)on the line, I may have spent this weekend in a holding cell in Central Bookings for lack of a better use for my pent up fandom. But like a 4th quarter desperation heave from Mark Sanchez that draws a PI call, things worked out when they otherwise looked hopeless. Now, armed with years of experience, I can offer advice and help others cope with this week’s lack of Jets football. And then some. Enjoy.

Ways to Get Through the Bye Week Unscathed

Fantasy Football. I must admit that this year marks my first foray into the world of fantasy football. I have no doubt that I will look back and curse the day I chose to allow this new addiction into my world.  Once I welcome this sort of competition, serious life changes are generally in store. My girlfriend, god bless her, has put up with my weekly “You don’t exist during Jet games” moratorium for the past six years. It seemed highly unlikely that this would add to the charm that is Rob on Sundays during football season. But alas, I have given up that good fight and sided with my instinctual lust for competition and sports. Being part of a fantasy league makes watching other NFL teams exuberantly more exciting and helps fill the void left in a heart longing to see the Jerseys of its favorite team. To be honest, I don’t know how I’ve ever lived without it. I am currently a part of two leagues, presently leading one in wins,while I remain nipping at the heels of the league leader in the other. It may sound geeky but dammit its fun! If you go into this bye week without joining a fantasy league may God be with you. Only he knows what kind of madness will satisfy your concupiscence.

Come get some.

Division Watch. This is an option only afforded to people who are lucky enough to be a fan of a team that has played well up into the week of their bye. While it is always fun to root against division rivals during a bye week it can be equally as painful to see them win if your own team has started the season with a 1-4 disease. Fortunately for Jet fans we are riding high into this week’s bye so eyes should be glued to Direct TV to see if the Pats and/or Dolphins give us more reason to smile. This weekend’s matchups for our foes are looking pretty sweet to me. Miami hosts Pittsburgh who will no doubt stomp away any good feeling the Dolphins had from their OT victory over Green Bay. The Patriots visit a reeling Chargers team that sports the current No.1 Offense and No.1 Defense in the league despite only posting an ugly 2-4 record. With the Pats recent history of struggling on the road and a Chargers team desperate for a win, the Pats should leave the weekend at 4-2. Grab some popcorn ladies! This is going to be a fun show!

To the victor goes the spoils.

MLB Playoffs. As a Mets fan, the MLB postseason more often than not just adds to my humiliation and suicidal deliberation at the hands of Yankee fans. However, as a sports lover I live to watch competition at its highest levels. Roy Halladay pitched himself into the record books with only the second no-hitter in MLB postseason history to kick off his first invite to the dance. The Texas Rangers won their first playoff series in team history and currently have a 2-1 series lead over their AL nemesis New York Yankees. Should the four teams in the ALCS and NLCS keep their respective series close, this weekend’s October baseball could help take your mind off a Sunday without your favorite football team.

This can be you this weekend.Your welcome.

Plan a Weekend Getaway. If Jet players are getting away this weekend, why not you? In a relationship? Perfect! If your significant other is like mine, she has no idea your team is not playing this weekend which can significantly work in your favor. You can pretend to be making the ultimate sacrifice by offering to spend the whole weekend with her and not on the couch screaming barbaric jibberish. Try this: “Babe, I feel like spending some real time with you this weekend. You’ve been great, you know, letting me watch my Jets without interuption and even brought me beer when I asked. You’re awesome. I love you. Forget football, lets get out of town for a couple days. Its all about you baby.” In her exctement she’ll say, “Yes! Where do you have in mind?” That’s when you pull her in real close and say, “Vegas, baby. Vegas.” Life is good.*

*If your significant other is a rabid Jet fan getting away is still an option, although you won’t be able to cash in those “sacrificing football for you” points. But so what, your lady is a rabid Jets fan. Take her to the nearest jewelry store and put a ring on it loser! Like yesterday. P.S.- I hate you.

Written by Rob Rodriguez

October 27, 2010 at 4:29 pm

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Vive Rexy! Au Revoir Farve! Bon Jour Monsiere Orton! Revis, Tu Sens Mauvais.

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The Name Rex Means King

As this Monday night’s thriller came to a close I was in the midst of a euphoric celebration of biblical proportions. That maybe a bit of an exaggeration but my lack of sleep, the blistering hangover, and the ungodly smell told my senses a different story. The ebb and flow of momentum at the end of the Jets 5th game left me exhausted, however, I never doubted the outcome. As the NY Jets walked away from the field as victors I paused for a moment to take a deep breathe and inhale the jubilation shared by the scary contingent of Jet fans in my favorite watering hole. Tommy, one of the preeminent owners of this fine establishment, smiled and cheered wildly for the win but warned those of us who were drunk with joy to be leery of overconfidence, lest we forget history and where we came from. “Nonsense!” I quipped. Continuing through the roar of the other patrons I asked, “When was the last time you felt this good about our NY Jets?” He paused for a moment, the proverbial rainbow wheel spinning while he scrolled through his memories then replied, “Never. You’re right. I never felt this good about our chances!” Damn skippy. Last year the Jets lost three games where they held the lead late in the fourth quarter(Miami, Jaguars, Falcons). If they close out two of those games, they are the reigning AFC East champions. But they did not close in any of those contests and had to rely on lady luck to make the playoffs, who many fans know can be a bitch sometimes. But even though I was vomiting through those gut wrenching losses and a roller coaster ride to the AFC Championship Game, I came away with a bigger brand of enthusiasm than in previous years.To me, this had to be growing pains, not an indication of who this team was. So? What was it that made this group that much different than those Jet teams in years past or even as recent as the one that faltered down the stretch under the previous coaching regime? This team, from Woody Johnson down to the fucking cheerleaders is just that; a team. A superbly run, top flight organization.

Once Rex Ryan was hired and Mark Sanchez was drafted this team became complete. A great coach and a blue chip quarterback were the missing pieces to the foundation of a Super Bowl winner. Take a quick glance at the team Mr. Tannenbaum built these past five years. Names like Mangold, Revis, D’Brickashaw Furgeson, and David Harris are the “Core Four” the Jets selected in his first two drafts. He drafted Brad Smith in the fourth round, signed an undrafted free agent named Mike Devito, and selected solid role players like Dwight Lowery and Eric Smith in the fourth and third rounds, respectively.  While this past offseason’s acquisitions were much publicized, the young players Tannebaum drafted in his first five years remain the core that may ultimately make this Jets team a perennial contender. And the heart of that core very much includes Rex Ryan and his coaching staff.

Think about what happened when Mr. Johnson gave Rex Ryan the keys to this sports car. Rex took over a defense loaded with talent and turned it into the best unit in the league. In one year. What else did he do in his first year? Ryan coached the team to the Conference Championship. Can you name another coach in NFL history that led his team to a conference championship in his first season as head coach? John Madden. I remember an article I read by Bob Raissman that suggested  Ryan, with his larger than life personality, can possibly be the man who finally brings that Madden-type charisma back into the broadcasting booth. He pointed out that Ryan is an obvious heir to the gaping hole left by Madden when the Hall of Fame coach decided it was time to retire. But what about on the sidelines? If you look closer, there are a lot more similarities than you think.

Besides a similar approach to coaching, they’re both defensive gurus and made their careers as such. Ryan and Madden first made their bones in the NFL as linebacker coaches. Before that, both were defensive coordinators for small Division I schools(San Diego State & Moorehead State). And like Madden, who inherited a team from John Rauch that had a winning program, Ryan inherited a pretty good football team from Eric Mangini. Mangini, although many Jet fans bemoan giving him any credit, was a good coach. He did a tremendous job rebuilding the Jets with Tanny and left the team better than it was when he took over. The only problem is that Mangini was not a great coach. While the verdict is still out on whether he will become great remains to be seen although things are not looking good for him in Cleveland. Great coaches get the most out of their talent, know how to make adjustments on the fly, are premier game planners and are supreme motivators. Head Coaches in the NFL play a much more vital role in a teams success when compared to other professional sports. Two years ago, Bill Belichick lost quarterback Tom Brady, a future hall of famer, for a season and still won 11 games with Matt Cassel, who had not started in a football game since High School! Mike Tomlin put on a coaching clinic in the first quarter of this season going 3-1 without his top three quarterbacks(Rothelisberger, Dennis Dixon, Byron Leftwich)!  While under Mangini, the Jets  lacked the tenacious attitude that is ingrained in championship teams and helps them overcome injuries at critical positions(i.e., REVIS, PACE).  It’s the mental edge that helps teams finish and Rex gives this team that advantage. One more game before the bye week and the New York Jets will be through the most brutal part of their schedule. One more win and we’re 5-1 through that tough stretch. Vive Rex!

The next John Madden? Here are names of coaches that have taken their team to a championship game in their first season: John Madden, George Seifert, Barry Switzer, John Harbaugh, and Rex Ryan. 3 of those coaches won the Superbowl. Of those 3, one is in the pro football hall of fame, one is in the college football hall of fame, and the other won multiple Super Bowls with the 49ers. The remaining two coaches are Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh, who are leading two legitimate title contenders in 2010. That’s pretty decent company.

Au Revoir Farve!

When Brett Farve brought his show to Broadway many Jet fans were estatic, myself included. I was at the preseason game versus the Redskins where he took his first snaps as a Jet QB. Feeling like a drunken philanthropist, I bought a “Brett the Jet” shirt from some shady parking lot miscreant. Needless to say, I nearly drowned myself when Chad Pennington, the player we jettisoned for Farve and happens to be one of my all time favorite Jets, ripped my heart out and dangled his balls on the chins of Jet fans. For me, Monday Night’s victory served as closure to an unfortunate romance. Farve was like a one night stand with a stripper that ruins your steady relationship with the high school sweetheart. Then, out of nowhere, you find out she’s banging your enemy and when you take issue with that, her new squeeze pummels you in front of many camera phones. YouTube sensation! Either way, I take solace in the fact that we’re much better off now as Farve has become an STD for the Vikings. Well done! Au Revoir Farve!

Oh Boy! That big titted monster over there in the corner is hot! Gotta ask the PR department to get me her phone number. New York is looking goooood.

Bon Jour Monsiere Orton!

Just a couple of quick thoughts on this Sundays game. While last week our run offense faced its stiffest challenge thus far in the Vikings defense, this week the defensive secondary faces its toughest assignment yet in Kyle Orton and the Denver Broncos passing offense. Who does this guy Orton think he is? Because he’s out there throwing the ball like he’s  Dan Freaking Marino! Can we all agree that Josh McDaniels knows how to run an offense? Jesus H. Christmas! KYLE ORTON?!!? He’s second in the league in passing yards!!! He leads the league in 40+yard passing plays with 7!!! He’s tied for 3rd with 8 passing TDs!!! Who the fuck coached this guy in Chicago!!??? Fire him now! This guy is a fantasy football wet dream! REVIS!!???? REVIS!!???? Time to wake up buddy. Stop feeling yourself for your one year of greatness. It’s showtime. Its been 5 weeks and your fucking hamstring is still not ready to handle Football speed? Training camp is 5 weeks! So I fully expect you to play this game like its the season opener and show everybody why the Denver Broncos are Brandon Lloyds FOURTH team! I swear if I see you out there hamming it up then crying about your hamstring if Lloyd posterizes you, I’m done. DONE. Bring me Nnamdi Asomugha Hooshamazilly now! We need this win badly to pull away with the division! The Pats are going to get gangbanged by the Ravens this week so we have a chance to get a game and a half lead on them. And you know Josh McDaniels would love to give his boyfriend Bellichick a handjob by beating the Jets. BRING IT HOME! Mr. Orton, we’re coming for that ASS(pause)! REVIS, pardon my French but Tu Sens Mauvais!!!

Written by Rob Rodriguez

October 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

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The feeling is mutual. (AP Photo/ Barry Gutierrez )

5-1. That feels good. Two words: Dwight Lowery. Say what? Dwight. Lowery. That’s two game ending recoveries(1 Fumble, 1 INT) in a row for Mr. Lowery. Congratulations. Now get out of my way so I can kiss LT. What was San Diego thinking? Oh, I know. They were thinking 2-4. Mr. Santonio Holmes, at this point if it were my choice to keep you or Braylon after this season I’m going with Braylon. That’s not to say that you didn’t have your moments, like when you ran into your own teammate and fumbled the ball on a critical drive. That was stellar game play and concentration. Please allow me to barf on your shoes as a tribute and an expression of gratitude. However, I have to give Tony credit for getting after the ball on that game clinching 4th down heave from Sanchez, drawing the flag. It was pretty work but it was ugly to watch.

Coach Ryan stated in his post game conference that he believed Holmes would have made the play had he not been interfered with.  All that I can say is I saw Holmes manage to get two hands on the football while getting his face mask yanked. Yellow flag . Whether or not he catches the football without the face mask doesn’t matter, Santonio did his job. I remember Bill Cowher saying that when you have one on one coverage and throw the ball down the field there’s only three things that should happen; the receiver makes a play, the receiver draws a pass interference call, or the receiver breaks up the play because he has the best position on the ball. That’s a 66% chance of something good happening. Sanchez threw his first two INTs of the season but it didn’t keep him from taking shots down the field. It was a tough grind for our quarterback but he kept on firing. The team came out with this win and picked up their play in the closing moments of the game even though they were outplayed in most statistical categories. That’s the sign of a great team.

Many people, especially Broncos fans, will undoubtedly say the Jets stole this one. I guess that perception stems from the fact that the so-called experts and pundits consider Denver as a lower tier team. I disagree with that assessment. While I thought the Jets would pull out the win by at least 10 points, Josh McDaniels put a hell of a game plan together to make this contest a nail biter. Make no mistake, this Broncos team is good, came to play and Kyle Orton just continues to be an enigma, throwing lasers into the Jets secondary. I still cant believe Chicago traded this guy. Orton is the real deal everybody, OK? Now move on, nothing to see here.

Game Balls:

1. LaDainian Tomlinson. Kept in check for most of the game, you can tell Denver keyed in on LT during their game prep. However, as the game wore on you knew the offensive line would eventually soften up a depleted Denver defense just enough for LT to break a big one open. The Broncos D is known for giving up a lot of points in the fourth quarter. So like a late game interception from Brett Farve, it was feeling like the big gainer was bound to happen. Then, like clockwork, John Conner blows open a hole that LT flies through for a 20 yard score with 8:43 to play in the game. LaDainian sounds like a great name for my first born, boy or girl. What do you think?

2. The Offensive Line. Give Schottenheimer credit for believing in his big guys up front and never giving up on the run. After a poor display in the first half against a determined Broncos defense, they found a way to bounce back. In the third quarter, with their QB struggling, they opened up some nice holes for Shonn Greene, who was punishing defenders for trying to tackle him. Kudos for the amazing pass protection they afforded Sanchez, especially on the game saving fourth down play. Pass protection overall was a strong point, consistently giving Sanchez time to go through his progressions. Problem was, there was nobody open as Denver dropped extra men in coverage on passing downs. In addition, Sanchez was not on his “A” game as he sailed a couple of throws over open guys even though he had loads of time. All in all, great day on the job by Mangold and company.

3. Jets Pass D. I know what you’re thinking, “Kyle Orton torched us!” But a closer look at the stats tell you a different story. Orton compiled a passer rating of 70.1. He threw for a season low 209 yds passing. And with the game on the line he couldn’t recover a bad snap from his center. Give Orton his due, as he stood tall in the pocket, made some clutch throws and scrambled for some big time first downs. However, he only connected on 14 of 34 throws and the Jets pass defense finished the job on a QB who looks to be on a mission from God.

Broncos Rushing Attack VS The Jets Run D

Max V.V.  had prophetically pointed out in his game preview that it would be a mistake to underestimate a Broncos running game that was welcoming back Knowshon Moreno. And for the better part of this game, Moreno Associates Inc. torched the Jets up front for 123 yards. Denver’s rushing attack kept the Broncos in the game and forced the Jets to be honest. That opened up some holes in the secondary for a couple of big time throws and a fourth quarter lead for the home team. However, the defensive line made plays when it counted and held Moreno to under 50 yards on 12 carries. The next leading rusher was Denver poster boy Tim Tebow with 23 yards. Their running attack was mostly by committee and was assisted by a trifecta of broken pass plays where Orton was able to find room to run in the middle of the field and convert for some clutch first downs. Including Orton’s 3 scrambles, their rushing game was able to put up 145 yards on a stout defense. And still lost.

Final Thoughts & Notable Mentions

The Terminator. John Conner continues to pay the bills for the Jets offense. For the second week in a row Conner played a huge role in a momentum shifting run play. Last week he blew up Minnesota LB E.J. Henderson springing Shonn Greene for a 23 yard score. This week, he absolutely crushed Safety Renaldo Hill to open the lane for LT’s 20 yard scamper into the end zone. I swear every time  I see this kid make a play I hear Rex’s voice in my head saying “The Terminatorrrrrrr.”

Revis. Say what you want about Revis’ numbers in this game but he only allowed one big play on a beautiful throw by Kyle Orton who is reinventing himself in Denver. Orton was so accurate on his throws it was downright mesmerizing. Our CBs could not get their hands cleanly on the ball even in tight coverage. Revis more than made up for his mistakes by contributing to an effort that held the potent Broncos pass attack to 14 completions on 34 attempts. For me, Revis won me back over when he applied one of the most bone jarring hits of this season. And that’s saying something. On second and 7 late in the third quarter, Kyle Orton threw the ball into the right flat to the shifty Eddie Royal. As soon as the ball reached his hands REVIS SENT EDDIE ROYAL BACK IN TIME. I was giddy and I’ll admit I got up and danced a little. Revis looks like he’s coming back to form. Watch out!

Final Thoughts

Gutsy throw by Sanchez for the win. Nick Folk is an animal and I think he’s been using Steve Weatherford’s shake weights. Great teams figure out how to win when they’re outplayed on the road in a hostile environment. Did you see the cameras shaking when the Jets were on offense? The noise in that stadium must have made ears bleed. Noisy road games like these are exactly why home field advantage will be so important in the playoffs. However, the division title and best conference record are not a lock. 10 games to go. 10 games to pull away from the pesky Pats and Dolphins for the division. 8 wins or better in the final 10 may do it. That said, the Steelers matchup towards the end of the season may determine home field. Next up, Green Bay. Santonio, you are not forgiven…yet. Great win.

Classic Rexy line: “Kyle Orton…I never realized he was John Elway until he was running that ball all over us.”

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October 12, 2010 at 4:29 pm

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A Monday Night Wet Dream…Minus Farve’s Penis

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“Oh Brett! You Shouldn’t Have!”

Broadway Brett. Brett the Jet. Boba Brett. Ahh memories. Thanks. For Mark Sanchez that is. No thanks for the fact that Farve’s penis is ceremoniously being plastered all over gossip blogs. You got real issues when you think taking snapshots of your pork slab is going to woo the girl you decided was worth ruining your marriage. Especially when she wasn’t interested (according to reports). I’m going to pretend to be Brett Farve’s conscious when he came up with this brilliant idea:

Hmmm. She said no to dinner, no to coffee, I got her number behind her back through the Jets PR department, sent her a creepy MySpace message under a weird alias, and still nothing. I got it! I’m going to send her pictures of my cock! How can she resist that?

Anyway, Brett. Brett, Brett, Brett. You should’ve retired you old dog you. But I’m glad you didn’t because you just created a shit storm of controversy that will undoubtedly be jabbing at your brain when you’re studying film of Rexy’s defense. Focus old man, FOCUS! Are you paying attention? That was Flacco, Brady, Henne, and Book Boy running for their lives! Are you watching the tape? This may be your upcoming funeral! Do you know what you’re staring at? 1-3! One win, three losses and about as much chance as making the playoffs as you have at making scary noises in bed with Jen Sterger! But no worries, Randy is on his way! He’s the difference maker right there! He was prolific against the Jets defense. Let’s break down Randy’s first quarter of the season shall we:

I just sent a picture of my junk to Revis! Slouch my A$$!!!

9 Receptions (Tied for 68th)
139 Yards (Tied for 54th)
3 TDs (Tied for 4th)
15.4 Avg. (33rd)
Long of 35(Tied for 41st)
Number of Receptions in the first half of Games #1-4: 7
Number of Receptions in the second half of games #1-4: 2
Number of Receptions when Team is behind: 1
Number of Receptions when Team is behind 9-16 Points: ZERO
Number of Teams that grew tired of his shtick: 3 and counting

Jet fans; do not fret about Brett or Randy Moss. Moss will merely be a decoy to open up lanes for AP who, along with the Viking defense, is the only thing keeping the Jets coaching staff up late at night. The Viking defense is ranked in the top 10 in four major statistical categories: Points (3rd), Yards (4th), Pass Yds (8th), Rush Yds (9th). Adrian Peterson is in the top five in Yards (Tied for 3rd), Yards per Game (2nd), and Carries per Game (2nd). So it is no secret what Minnesota intends to do; soften up the Jet D with AP, control the clock, and keep the game close with solid defensive play. So as scary as it may sound, the Jets may want Brett Farve to chuck it 50 times because through 3 games he has 6 interceptions. How do the Jets accomplish this? They need to score early and often in order to force Minny to fling the ball. And while it’s easier said than done, the Jets were able to put up 30+ points on a Miami defense that held the Viking offense to 10pts(albeit one without Randy Moss). Our run defense is stout and our pass defense is solid. 10-0 or 14-0 is not out of the question to start the game in our favor. An early Jet lead may be too much for Minny to handle on the road. Especially with Jets Fans making it miserable for the Viking offense to make adjustments at the line. Let’s take a brief look at the key matchups:

Adrian Peterson Vs. NY Jets Run Defense
Averaging 130.7 YPG Adrian Peterson is the very definition of a STUD. He’s an animal. Power, speed, elusiveness, and good hands out of the backfield (13 Catches, 85 Yards and a 6.5 Avg). A nightmare to game plan against, AP is extremely dangerous once he reaches the second level of the defense where he can become close to unstoppable one on one. Rex Ryan loves the overload blitz but the Jet defense needs to make sure they know where #28 is on 3rd down because he can take a screen pass and turn it into a 20-yard gain. And the kid doesn’t wear down, he gets stronger as the game progresses as defenses get tired of chasing him. He’s averaging almost 74 yds (73.6) in the second half of his first three games. That’s more than half his per game average. However, in AP’s lone road game against a similar high-pressure defense in New Orleans, he was held under 90 Yards in a tightly contested season opener. The Jets run defense is ranked 4th in the league through the first quarter of the season. Teams are averaging a paltry 74.8 yards per game. That’s outstanding considering they faced running backs like Ray Rice, Ronnie Brown, and Ricky Williams all without their run stopping stalwart Kris Jenkins. Key statistic: AP has 19 fumbles through 3 ¼ seasons and the Jets run defense has already forced three this year. And although AP has yet to fumble this year, there’s no doubt Coach Ryan is telling his guys to get their hands on the ball when they have two or more defenders wrapping him up. AP is the key to winning the game for either team. If the Jets defense can force Minnesota to throw the ball by limiting Peterson to 80 yards or less, the Jets will win this game hands down.

Vikings Defense Vs. LT, Shonn Greene, & the Playaction Pass
LT and Shonny Boy had one hell of a game against a putrid Bills defense last week. This Monday night’s matchup provides a much more significant challenge. Minny is only allowing 87 yards per game and will be the best run defense the Jets have faced this year (Baltimore ranks 21st against the run). The Jets offensive line has been getting better every week and this D Line will prove to be a formidable matchup. Regardless of how well Mark Sanchez has been playing, as the running game goes so goes the offense. The reason why the passing attack has been so effective is the respect for the run game. The misdirection playaction bootleg(say that three times fast) is so gorgeous and its effectiveness has been a direct result of the running games success. Sanchez to Keller is your cake people. Remember that highlight reel run by LT last week? Or the Sanchez TD pass to Keller in the redzone with not a single Buffalo defender within 10 yards? That’s the misdirection play. Line moves one way, fullback and halfback moves the opposite way, then they both cut back and find the hole. When this play is clicking Sanchez can fake the handoff, make room for himself with the bootleg and the throw to Keller will almost always be wide open. This play is magic. You saw it against New England. You saw it against Miami. And you saw it embarrass Buffalo. It’s quickly becoming the bread and butter of this offense.

You ever heard of statement games? Well boys and girls, if they exist, this is one right here. If the Jets dominate this game it will not only boost the psyche of Jet players to unconquerable levels but will also place anxiety in their future opponents heads. Don’t underestimate the mental edge. The Jets are physical and love to punch you in the mouth. A dominant win and the game film will look downright scary to opposing teams. This game may send poor old Brett into retirement and Brad Childress closer to the unemployment line. Kiss me now cause I’m moist! JETS WIN 26-13


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October 5, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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