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Warning: The following passage was written in a state of confusion and is filled with venomous vitriol designed to enlighten reader’s with a guarded perspective on the Jet’s 2010 campaign. Jets Kvetch is not responsible for those that decide to make a call to arms and throw Molotov cocktails at Steve Weatherford’s house. The views and thoughts are the opinion of this writer and should not be interpreted as representing the views of my colleagues here on Jets Kvetch. Now, time for humble pie.

I woke up Monday morning face down on the floor dying of thirst, right arm completely asleep and nary the slightest recollection of how  I ended up with only one sock on. My last clear memory was the ugly face of my good friend Steve, an avid Giants fan, cackling with joy at the expense of my utter bewilderment and disgust following one of the most gut wrenching Jet  losses I had the displeasure of witnessing. This game absolutely drained me of any good feeling I had regarding this teams 5-1 start and my mind began contemplating its meaning.

A defensive struggle between two teams in a very windy Meadowlands is acceptable. An inept, mistake prone, drive killing penalty committing, pass dropping slop show of an offense is…NOT ACCEPTABLE. There’s many ways to describe the Jets offensive performance on Sunday. Let’s start with the obvious adjective: Shit. It was a big, stinky, and massive shit that Schotty’s group deficated on the field. My nostrils are still burning from the stench.  In week 1 against an always stout defensive unit in the Ravens, this offensive group laid an egg. Fine. Schotty adjusted and for three straight games Mark Sanchez looked like Drew Brees behind center. Then in week 5 against the Vikings, in a torrential downpour, Sanchez was far less than stellar but the team got the job done. Week six sees Mr. Sanchez throwing his first two picks against what Rex Ryan dubbed, “Pretty simple coverage.” If not for a hail mary PI call, this Jets team may very well be 4-3 and not 5-2. This past Sunday Mark Sanchez did not look sharp for the third game in a row, missing some wide open looks but did enough to make some plays if not for some dropped balls and some very questionable interception calls by the refs(Both of those balls belonged to the receiver by the way. As was pointed out in the broadcast, when a defender and receiver have dual possesion of the ball, ball goes to receiver. However, TWICE in this game the call went to the defense. Not sure how that can happen twice in one game. Terrible.). However, I’ve noticed regression regarding Quarterback play in the last three weeks when things should be clicking. On one play in particular Sanchez faked a handoff and ran a bootleg to the left then darted an 11 yard throw to J-Co by the sidelines. It was a heads up, move the chains type of play that normally would not be criticized had Mark actually took a glance downfield at a streaking and wide open Braylon Edwards. It was a sure fire TD. The great QB’s in this league make that play. However, you can’t heap all the blame on Mark. The generally sure-handed Cotchery dropped some big time throws and Santonio Holmes is beginning to look overrated. I’m going to share my disdain for Tony some other time. There’s a lot of hard feelings that may be unfair, but the guy has less reception yards than Danny Woodhead. Yup. Danny. Woodhead. Mr. Belichick, can we please have our player back? Can someone explain to me why Steve Weatherford has free reign to call a fake? And to add insult to injury Weatherford told the media that he thought it was 4th & 9, not 4th & 19. Do we have coaches on this team???

After careful examination of this season and researching comparable starts through 7 games I made a horrific discovery. Not only are these Jets in danger of repeating a very scary scenario, if this offense regresses any more Jet fans may be in for a very humiliating experience. Remember, this Packers defense was running out of bodies coming into this game and put up a zero. In our house! The Denver defense may have exposed our QB. Here’s a story you won’t like:

It was 2008. The Buffalo Bills came out red hot and started the season 5-1. After 7 games their record stood at 5-2. 5…and 2. Their QB was Trent Edwards, in his second season a la Mark Sanchez, and started looking like the Bills QB of the future. Through the first 6 games Edwards had thrown 5 TDs and 2INTs. Record was a cool 5-1. Things were looking sexy. Next game at Miami the Bills kicked off what begins a four game losing streak and culminates into a 7-9 disaster.

2008 Trent Edwards                                                   2010 Mark Sanchez
WK 1    19/30 215 YDS 1TD                                        10/21 74 YDS
WK 2    20/25 239 YDS 1TD                                      21/30 220 YDS 3TD
WK 3    24/39 279 YDS 1TD 1INT                            15/28 256 YDS 3TD
WK 4    15/25 197 YDS 1 TD 1 INT                            14/24 161 YDS 2TD
WK 5    KNOCKED OUT 3/3 18YDS                        21/44 191 YDS
WK 6    BYE                                                                   17/30 198 YDS 1TD 2INT
WK 7    25/30 261 YDS 1TD                                       BYE
WK 8    21/35 227 YDS 1INT                                      16/38 256 YDS 2 INT

TOTALS    127/187 – 1,436 YDS – 5TD – 3INT 114/215 – 1,356 YDS – 9TDS – 4INT

When I looked at these numbers I nearly threw up in my mouth. Are the 2010 Jets in danger of becoming the 2008 Bills? Better yet, is Mark Sanchez…gulp…the next Trent Edwards? I really hope not. A loss next week and things can get out of hand real quick. Granted, we play the Detroit Lions next week but this is the NFL and if the Saints can get beat up by the Browns then the Jets can certainly lose to the Lions.Am I over reacting? I hope to God I’m out of my fucking mind. In my heart I don’t feel like we can end up as the 2008 Bills did or that Mark Sanchez will do a Trent Edwards impression. It’s just an inescapable feeling I have, reinforced by uninspiring offensive play the past three games. Have teams figured Sanchez out? Can we compete for a title with this offense? Time will tell of course but if I have to see the Pats hang up another division title banner while my team tries to explain why they missed the playoffs I may be forced to harm myself. All that good feeling we had the past couple weeks as Jet fans is officially pissed on. Rex & Co. need to grab the mops and clean up this fucking urine. Fast.


Written by Rob Rodriguez

November 3, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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