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Vive Rexy! Au Revoir Farve! Bon Jour Monsiere Orton! Revis, Tu Sens Mauvais.

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The Name Rex Means King

As this Monday night’s thriller came to a close I was in the midst of a euphoric celebration of biblical proportions. That maybe a bit of an exaggeration but my lack of sleep, the blistering hangover, and the ungodly smell told my senses a different story. The ebb and flow of momentum at the end of the Jets 5th game left me exhausted, however, I never doubted the outcome. As the NY Jets walked away from the field as victors I paused for a moment to take a deep breathe and inhale the jubilation shared by the scary contingent of Jet fans in my favorite watering hole. Tommy, one of the preeminent owners of this fine establishment, smiled and cheered wildly for the win but warned those of us who were drunk with joy to be leery of overconfidence, lest we forget history and where we came from. “Nonsense!” I quipped. Continuing through the roar of the other patrons I asked, “When was the last time you felt this good about our NY Jets?” He paused for a moment, the proverbial rainbow wheel spinning while he scrolled through his memories then replied, “Never. You’re right. I never felt this good about our chances!” Damn skippy. Last year the Jets lost three games where they held the lead late in the fourth quarter(Miami, Jaguars, Falcons). If they close out two of those games, they are the reigning AFC East champions. But they did not close in any of those contests and had to rely on lady luck to make the playoffs, who many fans know can be a bitch sometimes. But even though I was vomiting through those gut wrenching losses and a roller coaster ride to the AFC Championship Game, I came away with a bigger brand of enthusiasm than in previous years.To me, this had to be growing pains, not an indication of who this team was. So? What was it that made this group that much different than those Jet teams in years past or even as recent as the one that faltered down the stretch under the previous coaching regime? This team, from Woody Johnson down to the fucking cheerleaders is just that; a team. A superbly run, top flight organization.

Once Rex Ryan was hired and Mark Sanchez was drafted this team became complete. A great coach and a blue chip quarterback were the missing pieces to the foundation of a Super Bowl winner. Take a quick glance at the team Mr. Tannenbaum built these past five years. Names like Mangold, Revis, D’Brickashaw Furgeson, and David Harris are the “Core Four” the Jets selected in his first two drafts. He drafted Brad Smith in the fourth round, signed an undrafted free agent named Mike Devito, and selected solid role players like Dwight Lowery and Eric Smith in the fourth and third rounds, respectively.  While this past offseason’s acquisitions were much publicized, the young players Tannebaum drafted in his first five years remain the core that may ultimately make this Jets team a perennial contender. And the heart of that core very much includes Rex Ryan and his coaching staff.

Think about what happened when Mr. Johnson gave Rex Ryan the keys to this sports car. Rex took over a defense loaded with talent and turned it into the best unit in the league. In one year. What else did he do in his first year? Ryan coached the team to the Conference Championship. Can you name another coach in NFL history that led his team to a conference championship in his first season as head coach? John Madden. I remember an article I read by Bob Raissman that suggested  Ryan, with his larger than life personality, can possibly be the man who finally brings that Madden-type charisma back into the broadcasting booth. He pointed out that Ryan is an obvious heir to the gaping hole left by Madden when the Hall of Fame coach decided it was time to retire. But what about on the sidelines? If you look closer, there are a lot more similarities than you think.

Besides a similar approach to coaching, they’re both defensive gurus and made their careers as such. Ryan and Madden first made their bones in the NFL as linebacker coaches. Before that, both were defensive coordinators for small Division I schools(San Diego State & Moorehead State). And like Madden, who inherited a team from John Rauch that had a winning program, Ryan inherited a pretty good football team from Eric Mangini. Mangini, although many Jet fans bemoan giving him any credit, was a good coach. He did a tremendous job rebuilding the Jets with Tanny and left the team better than it was when he took over. The only problem is that Mangini was not a great coach. While the verdict is still out on whether he will become great remains to be seen although things are not looking good for him in Cleveland. Great coaches get the most out of their talent, know how to make adjustments on the fly, are premier game planners and are supreme motivators. Head Coaches in the NFL play a much more vital role in a teams success when compared to other professional sports. Two years ago, Bill Belichick lost quarterback Tom Brady, a future hall of famer, for a season and still won 11 games with Matt Cassel, who had not started in a football game since High School! Mike Tomlin put on a coaching clinic in the first quarter of this season going 3-1 without his top three quarterbacks(Rothelisberger, Dennis Dixon, Byron Leftwich)!  While under Mangini, the Jets  lacked the tenacious attitude that is ingrained in championship teams and helps them overcome injuries at critical positions(i.e., REVIS, PACE).  It’s the mental edge that helps teams finish and Rex gives this team that advantage. One more game before the bye week and the New York Jets will be through the most brutal part of their schedule. One more win and we’re 5-1 through that tough stretch. Vive Rex!

The next John Madden? Here are names of coaches that have taken their team to a championship game in their first season: John Madden, George Seifert, Barry Switzer, John Harbaugh, and Rex Ryan. 3 of those coaches won the Superbowl. Of those 3, one is in the pro football hall of fame, one is in the college football hall of fame, and the other won multiple Super Bowls with the 49ers. The remaining two coaches are Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh, who are leading two legitimate title contenders in 2010. That’s pretty decent company.

Au Revoir Farve!

When Brett Farve brought his show to Broadway many Jet fans were estatic, myself included. I was at the preseason game versus the Redskins where he took his first snaps as a Jet QB. Feeling like a drunken philanthropist, I bought a “Brett the Jet” shirt from some shady parking lot miscreant. Needless to say, I nearly drowned myself when Chad Pennington, the player we jettisoned for Farve and happens to be one of my all time favorite Jets, ripped my heart out and dangled his balls on the chins of Jet fans. For me, Monday Night’s victory served as closure to an unfortunate romance. Farve was like a one night stand with a stripper that ruins your steady relationship with the high school sweetheart. Then, out of nowhere, you find out she’s banging your enemy and when you take issue with that, her new squeeze pummels you in front of many camera phones. YouTube sensation! Either way, I take solace in the fact that we’re much better off now as Farve has become an STD for the Vikings. Well done! Au Revoir Farve!

Oh Boy! That big titted monster over there in the corner is hot! Gotta ask the PR department to get me her phone number. New York is looking goooood.

Bon Jour Monsiere Orton!

Just a couple of quick thoughts on this Sundays game. While last week our run offense faced its stiffest challenge thus far in the Vikings defense, this week the defensive secondary faces its toughest assignment yet in Kyle Orton and the Denver Broncos passing offense. Who does this guy Orton think he is? Because he’s out there throwing the ball like he’s  Dan Freaking Marino! Can we all agree that Josh McDaniels knows how to run an offense? Jesus H. Christmas! KYLE ORTON?!!? He’s second in the league in passing yards!!! He leads the league in 40+yard passing plays with 7!!! He’s tied for 3rd with 8 passing TDs!!! Who the fuck coached this guy in Chicago!!??? Fire him now! This guy is a fantasy football wet dream! REVIS!!???? REVIS!!???? Time to wake up buddy. Stop feeling yourself for your one year of greatness. It’s showtime. Its been 5 weeks and your fucking hamstring is still not ready to handle Football speed? Training camp is 5 weeks! So I fully expect you to play this game like its the season opener and show everybody why the Denver Broncos are Brandon Lloyds FOURTH team! I swear if I see you out there hamming it up then crying about your hamstring if Lloyd posterizes you, I’m done. DONE. Bring me Nnamdi Asomugha Hooshamazilly now! We need this win badly to pull away with the division! The Pats are going to get gangbanged by the Ravens this week so we have a chance to get a game and a half lead on them. And you know Josh McDaniels would love to give his boyfriend Bellichick a handjob by beating the Jets. BRING IT HOME! Mr. Orton, we’re coming for that ASS(pause)! REVIS, pardon my French but Tu Sens Mauvais!!!


Written by Rob Rodriguez

October 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

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