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The feeling is mutual. (AP Photo/ Barry Gutierrez )

5-1. That feels good. Two words: Dwight Lowery. Say what? Dwight. Lowery. That’s two game ending recoveries(1 Fumble, 1 INT) in a row for Mr. Lowery. Congratulations. Now get out of my way so I can kiss LT. What was San Diego thinking? Oh, I know. They were thinking 2-4. Mr. Santonio Holmes, at this point if it were my choice to keep you or Braylon after this season I’m going with Braylon. That’s not to say that you didn’t have your moments, like when you ran into your own teammate and fumbled the ball on a critical drive. That was stellar game play and concentration. Please allow me to barf on your shoes as a tribute and an expression of gratitude. However, I have to give Tony credit for getting after the ball on that game clinching 4th down heave from Sanchez, drawing the flag. It was pretty work but it was ugly to watch.

Coach Ryan stated in his post game conference that he believed Holmes would have made the play had he not been interfered with.  All that I can say is I saw Holmes manage to get two hands on the football while getting his face mask yanked. Yellow flag . Whether or not he catches the football without the face mask doesn’t matter, Santonio did his job. I remember Bill Cowher saying that when you have one on one coverage and throw the ball down the field there’s only three things that should happen; the receiver makes a play, the receiver draws a pass interference call, or the receiver breaks up the play because he has the best position on the ball. That’s a 66% chance of something good happening. Sanchez threw his first two INTs of the season but it didn’t keep him from taking shots down the field. It was a tough grind for our quarterback but he kept on firing. The team came out with this win and picked up their play in the closing moments of the game even though they were outplayed in most statistical categories. That’s the sign of a great team.

Many people, especially Broncos fans, will undoubtedly say the Jets stole this one. I guess that perception stems from the fact that the so-called experts and pundits consider Denver as a lower tier team. I disagree with that assessment. While I thought the Jets would pull out the win by at least 10 points, Josh McDaniels put a hell of a game plan together to make this contest a nail biter. Make no mistake, this Broncos team is good, came to play and Kyle Orton just continues to be an enigma, throwing lasers into the Jets secondary. I still cant believe Chicago traded this guy. Orton is the real deal everybody, OK? Now move on, nothing to see here.

Game Balls:

1. LaDainian Tomlinson. Kept in check for most of the game, you can tell Denver keyed in on LT during their game prep. However, as the game wore on you knew the offensive line would eventually soften up a depleted Denver defense just enough for LT to break a big one open. The Broncos D is known for giving up a lot of points in the fourth quarter. So like a late game interception from Brett Farve, it was feeling like the big gainer was bound to happen. Then, like clockwork, John Conner blows open a hole that LT flies through for a 20 yard score with 8:43 to play in the game. LaDainian sounds like a great name for my first born, boy or girl. What do you think?

2. The Offensive Line. Give Schottenheimer credit for believing in his big guys up front and never giving up on the run. After a poor display in the first half against a determined Broncos defense, they found a way to bounce back. In the third quarter, with their QB struggling, they opened up some nice holes for Shonn Greene, who was punishing defenders for trying to tackle him. Kudos for the amazing pass protection they afforded Sanchez, especially on the game saving fourth down play. Pass protection overall was a strong point, consistently giving Sanchez time to go through his progressions. Problem was, there was nobody open as Denver dropped extra men in coverage on passing downs. In addition, Sanchez was not on his “A” game as he sailed a couple of throws over open guys even though he had loads of time. All in all, great day on the job by Mangold and company.

3. Jets Pass D. I know what you’re thinking, “Kyle Orton torched us!” But a closer look at the stats tell you a different story. Orton compiled a passer rating of 70.1. He threw for a season low 209 yds passing. And with the game on the line he couldn’t recover a bad snap from his center. Give Orton his due, as he stood tall in the pocket, made some clutch throws and scrambled for some big time first downs. However, he only connected on 14 of 34 throws and the Jets pass defense finished the job on a QB who looks to be on a mission from God.

Broncos Rushing Attack VS The Jets Run D

Max V.V.  had prophetically pointed out in his game preview that it would be a mistake to underestimate a Broncos running game that was welcoming back Knowshon Moreno. And for the better part of this game, Moreno Associates Inc. torched the Jets up front for 123 yards. Denver’s rushing attack kept the Broncos in the game and forced the Jets to be honest. That opened up some holes in the secondary for a couple of big time throws and a fourth quarter lead for the home team. However, the defensive line made plays when it counted and held Moreno to under 50 yards on 12 carries. The next leading rusher was Denver poster boy Tim Tebow with 23 yards. Their running attack was mostly by committee and was assisted by a trifecta of broken pass plays where Orton was able to find room to run in the middle of the field and convert for some clutch first downs. Including Orton’s 3 scrambles, their rushing game was able to put up 145 yards on a stout defense. And still lost.

Final Thoughts & Notable Mentions

The Terminator. John Conner continues to pay the bills for the Jets offense. For the second week in a row Conner played a huge role in a momentum shifting run play. Last week he blew up Minnesota LB E.J. Henderson springing Shonn Greene for a 23 yard score. This week, he absolutely crushed Safety Renaldo Hill to open the lane for LT’s 20 yard scamper into the end zone. I swear every time  I see this kid make a play I hear Rex’s voice in my head saying “The Terminatorrrrrrr.”

Revis. Say what you want about Revis’ numbers in this game but he only allowed one big play on a beautiful throw by Kyle Orton who is reinventing himself in Denver. Orton was so accurate on his throws it was downright mesmerizing. Our CBs could not get their hands cleanly on the ball even in tight coverage. Revis more than made up for his mistakes by contributing to an effort that held the potent Broncos pass attack to 14 completions on 34 attempts. For me, Revis won me back over when he applied one of the most bone jarring hits of this season. And that’s saying something. On second and 7 late in the third quarter, Kyle Orton threw the ball into the right flat to the shifty Eddie Royal. As soon as the ball reached his hands REVIS SENT EDDIE ROYAL BACK IN TIME. I was giddy and I’ll admit I got up and danced a little. Revis looks like he’s coming back to form. Watch out!

Final Thoughts

Gutsy throw by Sanchez for the win. Nick Folk is an animal and I think he’s been using Steve Weatherford’s shake weights. Great teams figure out how to win when they’re outplayed on the road in a hostile environment. Did you see the cameras shaking when the Jets were on offense? The noise in that stadium must have made ears bleed. Noisy road games like these are exactly why home field advantage will be so important in the playoffs. However, the division title and best conference record are not a lock. 10 games to go. 10 games to pull away from the pesky Pats and Dolphins for the division. 8 wins or better in the final 10 may do it. That said, the Steelers matchup towards the end of the season may determine home field. Next up, Green Bay. Santonio, you are not forgiven…yet. Great win.

Classic Rexy line: “Kyle Orton…I never realized he was John Elway until he was running that ball all over us.”


Written by Rob Rodriguez

October 12, 2010 at 4:29 pm

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